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Wildwood Tree Care provides a high level of tree trimming, maintenance, and removal services in Idaho. We have the manpower and the equipment to complete any size tree project you may have. Trees beautify our lives, clean our air and provide us with welcome shade. But if they’re not maintained they can become hazards. Making sure your trees are healthy and cared for is well worth the investment. We at Wildwood strive to provide excellent service for you and our community. Call for your FREE estimate today or for more information.

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Pruning and Deadwood Removal

Trees may need to be pruned for many reasons like:

  • To remove hazards in the canopy such as dead or diseased limbs
  • Reduce the height of the tree
  • Thin out the crown to result in more growth and circulation
  • Remove any branches causing obstructions to a home or building

Once the decision is made to prune, deciding to do it yourself or hire a professional is the next step. Some small pruning can be done with no problem at all for the homeowner. Big pruning jobs can need a bucket truck and require an experienced climber in the tree with climbing gear.

Customer Reviews

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“Outstanding work! We had a dead birch tree in front of our house. The guys did a great job of removing it quickly and professionally at a very reasonable price. Strongly recommend!”

Nancy C.

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“Trimmed 200 feet of Rose of Sharon hedge for me today. They were professional and kept working right at it. I highly recommend this crew! Thanks again Dakota and Adrian.”

Shannon C.
Local Guide

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“I had them grind a tree stump for me. Got a quote in advance, and they were able to come out the next day. Service included removal of all wood chips and the hole filled in with dirt.”

Peter W.
Local Guide

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